8 GREAT Loot Bag Stuffers

So you decided to hand out loot bags! It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Sometimes finding good quality items at a fair price can be! Here is a list of 8 amazing ideas to help you fill up those party favours 🙂

  1. Candy

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Bulk Barn is a great place to stock up on bulk candy! Keep in mind that for health reasons, it is advised to hand out only pre-wrapped candy (airheads, suckers,  starbursts). The Party Store (small individual pieces for 5 cents!), Dollarama and the Dollar Tree are also places to check for larger quantity candy. When I make loot bags, I stay away from chocolate unless I can guarantee it is 100% peanut/nut-free. I have a deadly tree nut allergy and know the sinking feeling when I can’t eat it.

2. Good Quality Toy Image result for slinky loot bag

In this day and age, when I make loot bags, I try to stay away from the ‘made in China’ toys that fall apart the second the child goes to play with it. I also like using things that I would have played with as a child! I once got a slinky in a bag and played with it all afternoon. Or those parachute men, an activity pad, or crayons are all great ideas. Dollarama, Dollar Tree and Party City are great places to look.

3. BalloonsImage result for loot bag toys

If you hired a balloon artist (hurry, I book up quick!) you can put the child’s balloon animal in their bag once they are eating to make sure it doesn’t pop. Or uninflated balloons or punch balloons are great too! Something fun for the kids to play with.

4. BubblesImage result for child blowing bubbles

This is always a fun one and they can come pretty cheap if you get the wedding bottles! Throw one of these in the bag any time of year – they will love it!

5. CupcakesImage result for birthday cupcakes

If you have small containers or have a stack of washed-out sour cream and butter containers like I do, you can take a leftover slice of cake (or a cupcake if you did that – which I recommend) throw it in the container and there we go! Let’s hope the parents don’t eat it first though 😉

6. Photo from the party Image result for polaroid camera

This is better with a small party as it would be very time-consuming to go around and take pics of the birthday kid with everyone! But this can be a fun and cute idea for them to hang on the fridge or put in their room to remember the special day and look back on it for years to come.

7. Stickers/Tattoos Image result for kid tattoo sheet

This one is a no-brainer. Same places as the candy and toys, both girls and boys love this and will spend the rest of the night stickering everything and tattooing their whole body (or their siblings). Usually, come in packs and are often in themes.

8. Glow Sticks & accessories Image result for glow sticks

The only downside is that they only last a few hours – but boy those hours are fun! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from glasses, necklaces, bracelets and more. There is sometimes a jumbo pack you can divide up to save a few bucks!

Now if you read this and are super excited and motivated, fantastic!! But if you read through this and thought, wow those are great ideas but there is no way I have time for that… I got you! Tickled Teals offers customized loot bags. I buy in VERY large quantities offering you a great selection, great price and giving you your time back!

Each of my bags includes a candy, a toy, a customized ‘thank you for coming’ card, a sheet of stickers and a colouring sheet all tucked inside a paper bag with the birthday child’s name on it. Pretty swanky eh? And they are only $5 each (min order of 10) or $3.75 ea for 20 bags! Order yours now at 705-825-2833 or services@tickledteals.ca.

Have a great one,

Tealia – Tickled Teals Entertainment

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