My name is Tealia and my nickname is ‘Teals’ which inspired the name Tickled Teals. We started as an entertainment company providing balloon twisting and face painting for birthday parties, corporate events and festivals and began expanding into the decor in 2018.

We began adding balloon gifts in 2019 and when the pandemic hit and forced us to cancel our 2020 season, we turned our attention to balloon gifts. We’ve since expanded into trending decor, helium and more! We are a member of The North Bay Chamber of Commerce, Business Women’s Network, Clowns Canada, PEBA (see below) and Qualatex Balloon Network.

Balloons are one of the few things in this world everyone enjoys. Environmentally friendly, colourful, exciting (it can pop any second!) and magical (how does she do that??). I just want everyone to enjoy that and be tickled with excitement.

– teals

Tickled Teals Balloon Entertainment Education: 

  • 2020 Qualatex Balloon Network Course 
  • 2020 Virtual Q-Corner Balloon Convention
  • 2019 SKS Novelty Balloon Drop Workshop 
  • 2019 Clowns Canada  Carnavale
  • 2019 Hokey Pokey January  Jam Night 
  • 2018 Hokey Pokey’s Jackie Ochitwa: Balloon Deco-Twisting 2 Day Workshop – Day 1 Delivery Decor 

Tickled Teals Entertainment is a member of…

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The North Bay Chamber of Commerce Member since 2018

The North Bay Business Women’s Network Member since 2016

Clowns Canada Member since 2018

2020 Qualatex Balloon Network

PEBA member since 2020