5 COVID Party Ideas

Birthday parties aren’t what they used to be!! With many restrictions in place and safety being top of mind, it is very hard to think of new and creative ways to celebrate their special birthday. So I compiled a list of ways to help celebrate!

  1. Birthday Drive-Thrus

An easy way to make them feel like royalty! Have a special chair set up for them to sit and wave as cars drive by and wish them a happy birthday! Have the siblings be ‘royal servants’ and collect any gifts or balloons guests may give. Also, you can hand out pre-packaged desserts for guests to take home! It’s a win-win! Tickled Teals also does birthday drive-thrus and will dress up as a clown to deliver a balloon bouquet and has packages for dressing up your vehicle!

2. Beach Day!

Spend the day at the beach and invite another family to social distance and hang out! Bring some cupcakes, try out some new inflatables and just have a blast and enjoy the great weather! Depending on their age, you can also rent some paddleboards or kayaks and have a fun afternoon from Fun Rentals!

Beaches | City of North Bay

3. Backyard Party

Based on Phase 2 Ontario guidelines, you can have up to 10 people for a backyard party. So you can have a mini party with several close friends and enjoy several fun games, fill up the kiddie pool, get a cake and start dancing! Hire a bouncy castle, hire an amazing clown (I may know one or two 😉 ) for balloon twisting and just enjoy the party!

4. Play and Display

A little self brag but this was honestly so much fun to do! I made a bouquet gift for a 6-year-old and the shield in the middle he could pop off and play with!!! He loved it and had a blast with it and of course, I included it as a clown visit which he loved!

5. Mini Putt in North Bay is open! Play around and invite a friend and treat everyone to ice cream after! How fun is that?? Find out more here.

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BONUS 6. City/Town Scavenger Hunt

This one takes a bit of prep but you can drive around and do a mini scavenger hunt! Or the birthday kid has to solve a puzzle to get a map which then leads them around town to get different things like ice cream at DQ, stopping at their friend’s house for a surprise birthday gift, search the beach for a tree with a special clue, go to the water park by the museum and complete an obstacle course, find a special sign downtown and find the hidden note.. the list is endless!

Hope that helps in making this year’s birthday one of a kind!

Tealia (teals)

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