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February parties sometimes get overlooked. It’s cold outside, the family finally got back into the school routine after winter break and why can’t we just wait for spring?? Because everyone does and February parties are a great way to break the winter blues!

This post will explore 5 fun indoor parties that are perfect for February! Enjoy!

PROS of indoor party places:
  • No cleanup!
  • Everyone is entertained and parents can come and enjoy themselves with you
  • Upgraded packages include pizza, cake and loot bags
  • You can hire additional entertainment (you know, in case you need a clown ūüėČ )
CONS of indoor party places:
  • Timing – can only arrive so early and must leave precisely on time
  • The number of children – can be hard to predict how many children are arriving and what the cost will be. Sometimes it is based on a maximum or minimum or you can get charged for additional children
  • For cheaper rates, you have to bring your own birthday cake, food and drinks
  • It can be more pricey compared to hosting it at home

  1.  Indoor Jungle Gym

Our local indoor playset is called Northern Tikes which has a giant indoor playground for them to play on. I had one of my birthdays at Bonkers which was similar but unfortunately closed down. 

2. Gymnastics

Two (from what I know of) gymnastic centres in North Bay offer birthday party packages. I’ve been a clown at one gymnastics party and for me, I think it was a bit much to have me there as the party room is only an hour and is used to open gifts, eat and socialize.

Option 1    Option 2

3. Pool Party

My Mom has done this one a few times! Private indoor pool party with a ton of people. The guidelines for the number of guests are a bit easier to follow as there is a minimum for a lifeguard and a max for when they need another so if you stay between 10 – 30 you are fine and don’t have any additional charges.¬† Our local YMCA has party packages.

Image result for indoor pool party

4. Arcade

There are a few different venues for this. There is Chucky Cheese, restaurants with arcades and who could forget the movie theatre! They can get very pricey though as some packages include tickets, some don’t and you always have that upset kid that used theirs up and wants more. For North Bay, the local arcade party is at Wacky Wings¬†(it says Thunder Bay but it’s the same price for North Bay).

5. Bowling

Almost every town has a bowling alley and what a great way to get kids up and going! This is obviously better for older kids but the experience is great! North Bay’s Partners also glows in the dark; how awesome is that??

BONUS 6. Local Fun

There are also birthday party venues that are special to the area or only available in certain locations. I’ve heard of spas specific to girl’s birthday parties, there are indoor amusement parks, glow in the dark golf, and for North Bay, here are a few gems:

Gateway To the Arts Co-op   РArt Class Birthday Parties

Parties | Travelling Toes Spa |  РSpa-themed birthday party

Hope that gets you thinking of what to do for next year!

All the best,

Tealia – Tickled Teals the Clown

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