Halloween Party Games

Halloween parties are some of the best birthday parties! Everyone gets to test out their costumes, eat a ton of candy and the games are easy to theme to. I’ve been asked by parents all the time for some fun and easy games and Halloween is no exception!

So I give you 10 quick and easy (the majority of them you don’t have to buy more than 1 item) games and activities for your Halloween party! Also, the ones with * are printables.

  1. Halloween Charades*
  2. Cookie Decorating 
  3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt*
  4. Make Slime 
  5. Scary Halloween Feel Box
  6. Eyeball Dig Halloween Game
  7. Pin the Spider on the Web*
  8. Pumpkin Ring Toss 
  9. Decorate Pumpkins
  10. Mummy Wrapping Game 

Bonus! 11. Halloween Movies 

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