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May is the best time for outdoor parties. The weather is finally nice and the kids are excited to get out and enjoy it! Whether you rented an outdoor venue or are hosting it in your backyard, I compiled a list of 5 great and easy games you can make to play at the party!

All the games listed are non-messy, water free, and I tried to stick to items you can find around the home with little to no money to spend.

1. The Classic Egg-Spoon Race Image result for egg race

I haven’t been to a party that had this game but it is so easy and fun I think it should have a comeback!! You literally only need some spoons (from the kitchen drawer or a pack of plastic ones) and a dozen or so eggs. Mark out the start line and finish line and divide the kids into two teams. The first team to get all their eggs across the finish line, without breaking any eggs, wins! Depending on the number of kids and the distance to travel this could be a 10 minute to 30-minute activity. I would recommend also making one kid from each team go just to lengthen the game.

2. Create an Obstacle Course!

But that is so time-consuming!! If you build it right, the game will take up 30 minutes to 45 minutes! Each kid would get a chance to run through it and the fastest time wins. Use items from around your house to build it. Use a spare tire for them to flip 3 times, put the broom through two chairs and have them limbo under, make them stack 6 blocks or toys, eat an apple fast, jump rope 10 times, solve a math question on a dry erase board, the ideas are endless. It’s just how long you want to make it. You don’t have to go out and buy 20 hula hoops or build a giant jungle gym! All they care about are the tasks and getting them done fast!

Image result for obstacle coursehttps://www.familiesmagazine.com.au/kids-obstacle-course/

3. Regular Sports Game

Image result for capture the flag


Everyone knows how to play soccer. Why not play it at the party? Or capture the flag, kickball or kid version volleyball. You could even get the parents in on it and having a great time! I play balloon volleyball when I do my parachute games.


4. Camp Games / Classroom Games

Brush up on your years as a counsellor and use games they already enjoy at camp! These games are also used in the classroom so many kids already know them making it easy to do. This list alone should be enough to save you!

5. Balloon Pop!

Image result for birthday party game balloon on ankle


Similar to the Mario game of popping balloons, tie 3 balloons around each kid’s ankle and last one with a balloon wins! Make sure to outline the area and slowly decrease the size of the area just to move things along. I do something similar with balloon swords at birthday parties.


Bonus: Group Charades

I just love this one because it gets so creative and fun! The kids work together to act out or ‘build’ themselves into the word or activity given. This one is fun as you can divide them into groups of 4 – 6 and have a ‘judge’ or other teams. Each team member has to be playing a role, you can’t leave someone out. You can also add fun things like one person must be raising their leg or laying on the ground. Examples can range from the letter ‘A’ to a classroom and it’s the group’s job to get you to guess it.

I hope this list helps you fill time during your party and make it fun for both the kids and the parents! There are so many great games you can play without spending little to no money.


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